we are future-obsessed tech school with an aim to nourish thinkers and difference-makers, while working on more equality, inclusivity and solidarity in the technology world.

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full training

UI Design & Front-end

Coding bootcamp or UX/UI bootcamp? Who said that we always have to choose? Learn both sides of this opportunity-opening knowledge in this intensive (but fun) training.

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Experimental Creative Coding

An online *live* course that teaches the use of computer code to produce imaginative and aesthetic creations. What do we use?CSS, JavaScritpt and the recent celebrity p5.js.

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Web 3.0 Digital Product Design

The pandemic sky-rocketed the demand in UX/UI, product,
web & app designers. 
Web 3.0 has created even more. We created a course to fill this gap.

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Foundation HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Has anyone told you how essential coding is? Whatever you are doing in 2024 - understanding development is or will be crucial to your knowledge. And he is a foundation course to get it done.

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Web 3, Blockchain & NFTs

So many questions and not so many answers... New course on the latest shift in technology and how to make it work for you, your projects and society.

full training

Digital Product UX/UI Design *full-training*

Pandemic sky-rocked the demand in digital product, web & app designers. 
We created a course to fill up this gap.


Spotting social & consumer trends *short-course*

You can actually predict what your users, clients and communities will want in the future, by simply analysing the current trends.  How you do it? Tools and methods explained in the course

we thrive on creating more socially & enviromentally impactfull projects

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