Digital Product Design

full-training > 11 weeks

Monday, Wednesday & Friday / 18h to 20h CET

portfolio projects + job support

*Scholarship available*

Price: 1750€

starting april 4 / 2022
starting april 4 / 2022
starting april 4 / 2022
starting april 4 / 2022
starting april 4 / 2022
starting april 4 / 2022
starting april 4 / 2022
starting april 4 / 2022
starting april 4 / 2022
starting april 4 / 2022
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Intensive training that immerses you into the world of digital product design, user experience, user interface design and innovation.

By combining theory, practice and real life cases you will fine tune your the design and problem solving skills and get ready for the future.

What will I be able to do after the course?

Processes, tools and methods

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Dominate the full process of creating any digital products: from research to design and testing your designs.

Be an experience designer

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Design how people interact with technology from a psychology, design and business perspective.

Build a better world

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Utilize all the learned tools and knowledge to create  projects with social and environmental impact, always supported by our community

New jobs, new beginnings

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Present a 4-piece portfolio to apply to a job, start freelancing or... start your journey as an entrepreneur.

Course Contents

Module 1 — UX/UI Design Foundation

Learn and practice essential concepts, train your design eye using best practices, and map out the fields of the UX and UI design industry.

Module 2 — Methodology & Planning

Learn current development methodologies and practice how to use and adapt them to different projects. Run a Design Sprint with your team.

Module 3 — Research

Learn & practice the most common research techniques and how to Empathise with the users and identify real market needs using most common research techniques.

Module 4 — Interaction Design 
& Prototyping

Using the most demanded tools, learn how to develop an idea from scratch into a functional prototype. Adapt your designs to any screen format by using responsive design.

Module 5 — Visual Design (UI) 
& Storytelling

Learn how to use visual language to make your web and app design more appealing. 
Practice communicating your brand and standardizing your design system across different channels.

Module 6 — Testing
& Implementation

Practice product testing and prepare the hand-in of your designs.

Digital Product Design Students smiling during an online class with instructor Margarita

*extras* — Portfolio preparation + job support

Using feedback from our network of mentors, you’ll create, prepare, and boost your portfolio to highlight your work and wow recruiters.

For those in job search we will help to 5 jobs before the course ends.


Margarita Solovyeva

Founder & UX Intructor at Cyber Patio

Adrian Ortinez

Photo of instructor Adrian
Serial freelancer.
Prev. Nestlé, Moschino, or Unilever.

Social Scholarships

These scholarships are aimed to support under represented communities in the tech field and individuals with less accessibility to this type of education.

Out current focus is to help people affected and displaced by war situation in their region, who need to rebuild their careers.

In case you would like to apply, please fill out the form below.

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