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So many questions and not so many answers... New course on the latest shift in technology and how to make it work for you, your projects and society.

We have brought to the patio some really fun professionals from out there to teach us the most techie and must-know gems in 2022.

What is the key knowledge of this course?

Web 3 and its potential

Illustration of labyrinth
The potential of Web 3.0 and its capacity to change the World Web Environment

NFTs and how to make them work

Illustration of a hand-drawn sun
NFTs have hundreds of possibilities to be used by artist, entrepreneurs and businesses. We are going to learn how to make that happen.

Blockchain and other thousand concepts

Illustration of fruit vase with grapes and an apple
How crypto, blockchain and smart contracts actually work in an easy and digestible way

Metaverse and its expansion

Illustration of a smiling paper bag
What is the future of the Metaverse, how is it used now and what individuals as we can do with it

Course Contents

What topics we cover during this training

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Blockchain & Crypto & Smart Contracts
by Félix Gil, creative designer, professional visual effects artist and tech enthusiast

Smart contracts are everything in the blockchain scene. SC are used in crypto, NFTs, DeFi and etc etx. So many terms, so many questions! During this capsule-course you will discover main concepts such as blockchain, tokens, solidity, gas, defi, etc  We take them for granted, but how does they really work?

Topics we will cover
- What are the Smart Contract and how they can be used
- Basic concepts: Minining, gas and transactions…
What token really is?
- Solidity and other blockchain and smart contract languages
- Day to day life of a smart contact: use cases and how to make the most of them
Basics of Smart Contract Development

Practical Adventure >>> Let’s create a simple smart contract.

About you Cyber Instructor

Photo of Alex Gil with a atomic visuals in front

Félix Gil is a Spanish creative designer, professional visual effects artist and tech enthusiast. With several years working in the entertainment industry he has developed an interesting portfolio with a huge variety of projects. He also has many years of experience working as a creative developer and has helped start-ups to develop their brand through animation and motion graphics. Felix is now building around web3 scenarios and experimenting the never-ending potential that smart contracts have.

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Designing Digital Experiences in
Web 3
Enialo, Design Lead at Doingud

💭 Collaboration, decentralisation and data security. What does Web 3.0 bring to the table that Web 2.0 does not? As blockchain has disrupted the way we build internet, Web3 is making us think of new ways of constructing architecture of digital experiences. During this capsule-course you will meet Enialo, Design Lead at Doingud who will take you through his personal experience building projects on the web3space.This capsule is designed in a theoretical / practical model to give you a deep understanding of Web3, the underlying technologies, and their applications so that you can make your own decision about whether Web3 is the future of technology or just a fad.

About you Cyber Instructor
Photo of Instructor Enialo

Enialo, Design Lead at Doingud.
Enialo, is a curious and passionate Product Designer and Design thinker with over 8 years’ experience with a genuine passion for arts, decentralisation and tech that amplifies human potential and build sustainable futures.

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NFTs for the Digital & Physical World
Enialo, Design Lead at Doingud

💭 NFTs are not only silly JPEGs or GIFs, but a powerful technology that can actually turn almost anything into a tradable asset. With this technology, artists are able to take back financial control of their creations while also acquiring passive income, which is revolutionizing the way artists gain capital and connect with their audience.

Apart from understanding the basics of NFTs, Stevie Stevie will take us through another perspective - NFTs for the physical world. How can an NFT be used to sell something like a painting, sculpture, or piece of clothing? Further, how can it be used to sell (and trade) something even more ephemeral such as a performance, an experience, or even a memory? During this class, we will cover some of the more uncommon and innovative uses of NFTs such as these, as well as get some practical experience in how to create our own NFT.

Topics we will cover
- Introduction of Stevie Stevie
- What exactly is an NFT?
- Examples of Stevie’s work and approach
- NFTs selling platforms and how they differ
- Use cases and cool projects out there: Physical NFTs,  Tattoos, Music, Performance, Events, Tips & tricks

Practical Adventure >>> Mint your own NFT!

About you Cyber Instructor
Photo of Stevie Stevie

Stevie Stevie is an artistic director, artist, and performer, as well as the co-founder of the immersive arts company PHANTAZONiA, which creates immersive art environments, exhibitions, and experiences. Stevie specializes in high-level concepts, world-building, maximalism, and color, often translated through ephemeral happenings, art installations, performances, and events. Their work aims to foster transformative perspective shifts through interactive design and surrealist aesthetics which spark increased curiosity and playfulness.  Stevie is proudly queer and identifies as non-binary (they/them).

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A walk in to the Metaverse.
The keys to navigate this ship in 2023
by Aleix Perdigó, digital director in the communication agency Edelman Spain.

What is Metaverse and how it works?
This course is made to explore the possibilities of what is going to be the great technological revolution of the next decade together with VR, NFTs and Web 3.0. We will explain the main concepts about the Metaverse and deny erroneous beliefs and prejudices.

Topics we will cover
- What is Metaverse?
- How it works
- Best case studies on how brands currently enter the Metaverse
- Opportunities and things to watch out

Practical adventure: let’s get inside of Metaverse and see how it works

About you Cyber Instructor
Photo of Aleix Perdigó

Aleix Perdigó is digital director in the communication agency Edelman Spain. He has 15 years of experience in digital marketing and communication as director of the interactive web/app content and gamification agency Tvrbo, and as manager and Head of content at the social media agency PlayGround Brand Studio. Aleix is a specialist in immersive experiences, he is part of the Edelman global Metaverse group of specialists and has directed several virtual reality projects for Movistar and Astra Zeneca.

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The importance of communities and how to build one
by Michaela Ruiz, curator, creator running community relations at DoinGud

All the concepts learned in the previous weeks have something in common - communities. Communities drive digital businesses, projects and Metaverse worlds. During this class Micaela will share her best practices working with communities and show you how to create and successfully run one.

Topics we will cover
- Importance of communities and why you need to build one
- Key to a successful community
- Best practice to build healthy relationships between the members.

Practical adventure: let’s create your digital community in Discord

Photo of Micaela Ruiz
About you Cyber Instructor

Micaela  is currently shares the role of a curator and community relationships manager between Doingud and EthBCN.

She is looking to inspire and give visibility to diversity in all its forms. while creating meaningful impact and positive change through her work.

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