Foundation HTML, CSS
and JavaScript

*live* online classes > 6 weeks

coding from design perspective / for beginners

Wednesday 17h to 19.30h CET / Saturday 11h to 13.30h CET

projects, projects, and more projects turned into portfolio gems

payment options available

june 22 - july 30
starting june 22 / 2022
june 22 - july 30
starting june 22 / 2022
june 22 - july 30
starting june 22 / 2022
june 22 - july 30
starting june 22 / 2022
june 22 - july 30
starting june 22 / 2022
starting june 18
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Has anyone told you how essential coding is? Whatever you are doing in 2022 - understanding development is or will be crucial to your knowledge. This lovely course is built for total beginners. Based on demand from designers, managers and freelancers, this program will introduce you to code from a more visual perspective. Lucky you! Our mentors will take your hand and be there with you for any questions or specific functionalities you would like to create. Code and practice!

What will I be able to do after the course?

Know how

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Design and build dynamic websites with responsive layouts using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Freelancing Freedom

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Take first steps towards freelancing. know how to start, manage and publish your own projects.

Future-prepared skillbox

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Dive into the matrix! Understand how the internet works, why it works this way, and how you can shape web experiences through code and design.

Build a better world

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Display all your creativity on projects with social and environmental impact. Learn how catchy-eyes layouts are made and make your own, always supported by our community.

Course Contents

What topics we cover during this training


Margarita Solovyeva

founder at Cyber Patio / Digital Product Design Instructor

Margarita is an Experience Designer obsessed with making  technology more inclusive, human and accessible. Her experience  ranges between digital design, startup consulting and several years of teaching. While educating and mentoring +360 students from tech schools and universities, she runs her most exciting project - Cyber Patio.

Picture of mentor Sofie

Sofie Santa María

full-stack developer at Mento

Sofie is a (non-binary) full stack developer and designer, with a focus on creative technology. Their personal practice expresses inclusivity and representation towards technology and the importance of its accessibility to all communities and diversities. Their work encloses design and web development, often in collaboration with artists, designers and technologists. With this strong belief in generating alliances they formed Collabo, a creative studio that continues to connect creatives and technologists across all areas. Currently working at Mento, a San Francisco based start-up.

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Social Scholarships

These scholarships are aimed to support under represented communities in the tech field and individuals with less accessibility to this type of education.

Out current focus is to help people affected and displaced by war situation in their region, who need to rebuild their careers.

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