Creative Coding

5 weeks of fun for ambitious beginners

Thursdays 17h - 20hCEST / Tuesday 17h to 18h CEST

Lectures and Lab feedback sessions for optimal learning

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next edition starting September 05
next edition starting September 05
next edition starting September 05
next edition starting September 05
next edition starting September 05
next edition starting September 05
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🧃 CREATIVE EXPRESSION THROUGH CODE. This is how we would summarise this course.

This learning experience teaches the use of coding to produce imaginative and aesthetic creations, which is known as creative coding. You will learn and use popular programming languages like CSS, Javascript, and the renowned p5.js to develop distinct computational art pieces and eye-candies.

You'll learn how to bring your ideas and concepts to life, experimenting with visually stunning, interactive, or generative graphics that you can put into your web project straight away.

What will you learn?

⬀ Obviously, you will build your first website using HTML, CSS and Javascript using your own design.

⬀ What Creative Coding is about and how it converges with web development

⬀ How to use and play with CSS and JavaScript to create unique animations and interactions

⬀ Learn and practice popular framework p5.js

⬀ Experiment with algorithms and particle systems using p5.js

⬀ Logic and approaches through open coding sessions

⬀ *NEW* Use of Chat GPT to learn and get some help with coding and its logic

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⬀ The course is

⬀ This course is oriented for people with beginner knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
We have a free pre-course if you want to prepare yourself before the course.

⬀ You are curious about creating unique art & digital experiences in web realm

What ✨gems✨ does this course have >>>

Virtual live classes with instructors

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Learn more, procrastinate less and meet peers!

OMG! p5.js

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You will learn the current celebrity of Creative Coding - P5.JS

Forever content

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Need to refresh the memory?
Live sessions’ recordings are there for you.

Tools & templates for freelancing

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Let’s talk business!
all included with the course

Selected resources library

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All the cool stuff that our team has gathered through the years

Course Contents

What topics we cover during these 5 weeks

Course Content


Picture of mentor Sofie

Marie Madonna

freelance graphic designer and web developer

Marie Madonna is a Franco-Luxembourgish freelance graphic designer and web developer based in Rotterdam (the Netherlands). Her practice includes programming as a creative tool, sometimes AI-generated images, open-source publishing, editorial design, and experimental techniques. She sees Creative Coding as a way to bring online publishing to a more interactive and unique experience.


Picture of mentor Sofie

Sofia Taipa

freelance computational artist

Originally from Lisbon, Sofia is a computational artist based in London, with a background in both arts and computer science. Her interests include interactive art, creative coding and web development.


next edition starting on

sept 05




☑️ Virtual live classes with instructors 2 times a week

☑️ Forever recorded sessions

☑️ Freelancing Proposal and Budgeting Templates

☑️ Personalised learning and support on Discord

☑️ Free pre-course for total beginners

☑️ Curated resource library

☑️ Financing and payment options available

☑️ Completion Certificate

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Photo of Alumni Imogine
"This course really gave me the tools to get my confidence in the UX/UI field and apply for a job (which I manage to get!). The course overall is very educational and well put together and really gives you a boost if you want to seek a job, start out in the field or are thinking about freelancing. The teachers are great and even support you after the course is finished!"
Photo of Alumni Victoria in front of the blossoming flower tree
"A really good course with well  prepared people! I do not have enough words to thank the girls, I thought i would never be able to understand the tech part, but they do miracles , so so so happy with the results  and overall experience! Great great great job, Cyber Patio!"
Photo of Alumni Victoria in front of the blossoming flower tree
Wonderful experience, truly recommend this! Helped me a lot with understanding what's going on behind a website. JSS for me was super hard and still have a long way to go but whatever you need to start is already there!


Photo of Alumni Victoria in front of the blossoming flower tree
Also, I'd like to do a massive shout-out to all the resources and links they gave us during the online classes and even off-classes, they were really helpful and helped me navigate pretty smoothly through the whole thing.
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